The Most Popular Cat Breeds Today

There are more than 70 million cats in the United States alone, according to recent statistics, proving these feline creatures are among the most popular pets in the world. Whether you are considering buying from a specialist breeder or a good local petstore, there are loads of breeds to choose from. With cats that each have very different personality types. Here are some of the most popular breeds of cats today and their different personality traits.

Siamese cat at play

Siamese cats are known for their blue eyes and impressive coats, making them a great option for people who want a pet that provides true companionship. These cats evoke connotations of legend, thanks in part to the famous Siamese cats in movies and fairytales. The Siamese cat is a playful animal, known for its spirited energy.

Golden Persian

Golden Persian cats have big eyes a playful sense of humor. These are among the most popular cat breeds for families with children, and your little one will love playing with this animal. As golden Persian cats are domesticated, they make a welcome addition to any home. You can create a unique space in your property for your cat to play in and let it wander around your yard, too. These cats are known for being inquisitive and love to explore.

3. RagdollBeautiful ragdoll kitten

Ragdoll cats are another popular breed in the United States, characterized by their bulging blue eyes (just like siamese breeds). This is another cat that would make a great addition to your home if you have young children; this breed is gentle in nature and will adapt to your environment easily. It has a beautiful coat and is easy to care for and love. These cats love to snuggle up with you on the sofa and will soon become part of your family!

4. Bengal

Bengal cats look like tigers in the wilderness, thanks to their stunning coat which features intricate details. Bengal cats are domestic cats that have a playful energy, providing you with hours of enjoyment. They weigh between 10 and 15 pounds and are best suited to a loving family. Famous for their printed coat, these cats are athletic and smart, but can sometimes be demanding. They will make a fantastic addition to a family who gives them lots of love and attention!

5. Cornish Rex

2 Cornish Rex Kittens

Cornish rex cats have long fur and a coat that will take your breath away. They are known for being mischievous at times and demand your attention but provide you with lots of love in return. This breed originated from the English county of Cornwall in the 1950s and have quickly become one of the most popular cat breeds in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Their most famous feature? Probably their bat-like ears! Cornish rex kittens are usually available from around 16 weeks after their birth date.

Other considerations

With so many cat breeds out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. First, decide on the right breed that suits your family’s lifestyle. Some cats like the Bengal breed require more attention than others. If you’re not sure, speak to an expert who will be able to provide you with the help you need.